This section lists Spanish companies backed by private equity and venture capital investors, classified by sectors and activities. This database does not include companies that have only received profit participating loans from investors, neither does it include investments in non-Spanish companies. Investments by Spanish private equity and venture capital funds (fondos de capital riesgo or FCR) and by non-self-managed private equity and venture capital companies (sociedades de capital riesgo or SCR) are attributed to their management companies.

This tool is especially addressed towards professionals - advisors and investors - acting in the private equity and venture capital sectors in Spain

Its double-entry structure - by sector and by investor - facilitates, in a quick and easy manner, the identification of investors, the selection of targets and the orientation of mandates.

This information is based on publicly available sources and therefore we can not guarantee the completeness of accuracy of all information contained herein. Therefore, we would very much appreciate any feedback for the purpose of amending or rectifying the information herein on an ongoing basis.